The next day, I did the same

 Keetmanshoop, Namibia

“So you drove all the way from South Africa on a 125 cc, in the raining season through Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia?”

“Yes. The rain was actually not too bad. But man, my tent. Every time I packed, my wet tent was wet, and it couldn’t dry during the day. Terrible. ”

“Oef, sounds bad. — And you did not think about driving the other way and pass Cape Town and skip the raining season?”

“No, I did not plan anything, actually.”

“What? How did you came on the idea then?”

“Well, I met a South African guy and he just finished this route on a 125cc. The next day, I decided to buy a 125cc and do the same.”

“Really? Nice haha! You are the first guy I know who decide to drive to Africa on a motorbike ‘unplanned’, haha. In a way that’s the way to do it! I like it! — And how did you parents react when you told them your plan? Mine were not to happy..”

“Actually, my dad is just laughing at me. That I am driving here, in Africa, in the raining season, going max. 90k’s per hour. — My mom seems fine.”

“Ah better. You should have seen my parents when they visited me. — But how did you get registered and stuff? It took me more then a month to get registered.”

“Huh? They allowed you to get registered and buy a bike? Really?”

“Yes? Of course. If not, I would have never started my trip in Cape Town.”

“No? Really? I can’t believe that. I wanted that! They told me that I couldn’t buy a bike because I am not South African. — So I asked the South African guy to buy the bike for me. But now I have to go back, all the way to fackin Durban to sell the bike again. And I am not even sure if I get a new tourist visa.”

“Shit man, really? I heard they might give you seven days at the border. But I am not sure if you’ll make it back from the Namibian border to Durban in seven days.. And sell the bike as well.”

“I know, let’s see.. Fackin government.”

This guy bought his motorbike the same time as myself in December. Only in Durban, they told him he wasn’t allowed to buy a bike. While in Cape Town, for me, it was no problem. Guess I was lucky or he just unlucky. Anyway, this is just another example I’ve heard so far of the failing South African government.




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