German Namibia

Noordoewer Border Post, Namibia

“Good morning Miss, do I have to fill in this form?”

“Yes, please.”

“Ok. — Here you go”

“I can not read this. Use my pen to fill it in. Again.”

“I am sorry.”

A Namibian Male Officer next to her starts talking.

“Did you fill this form in with a pencil?”

“I am sorry ‘sir’, it wasn’t my intention.”

“How many official forms have you filled out with a pencil?”

“I am sorry. Again. I didn’t know, and look, my pencil looks like a pen!”

“Doesn’t matter. That is disrespectful! All you had to do is ask her for a pen!

“Sir, I am sorry!”

With an uncomfortable and angry look the male officer shakes his head and sends me back to the lady officer.

“I see your travelling with your own transport. Then you need a transit visa.

“I guess so.”

“This is for three days.”

“But Miss, please, that is too short. Namibia is huge, and I planned to go on to Botswana afterwards. I can never make that in three days.”

“Ok, when do you think you will leave Namibia?”

“I don’t know yet, Miss, maybe in 2 or 3 weeks?”

“I’ll give you 10 days.”

“Ok, thank you.”

I realized, in Namibia, German norms and values count. They are very strict. I accidently filled in my visa form with a pencil, of course, stupid. And I won’t do it again, but I didn’t expect this to result in a short transit visa. After the conversation with the mad male officer, I couldn’t be bothered to discuss the amount of days of my visa anymore. But next time I’ll make sure I will always apply for a tourist visa, and ask for the maximum amount of days.

After South Africa, I don’t want to find myself banned out of Namibia as well…






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