English Hair

Chipata, Zambia

“How much is a haircut here?”

“4000 Kwacha (0.70$) for English hair.”

“Ok, what is English hair?”

“Like you, and this (he points to a poster of Manchester United).”

“Ah ok. I have English hair, I understand.”

“So, which number?”

“On the sides number 1, and on top half gone, please. ”

“So number 2 or 3, top?”

“No, half please. — You see, now is 100% (I point to my hear), and I want to keep 50%. You understand? 50%, like half.”

“Ahh, yes. So not 60%, not 70%, but 50%.”

“Yes, you understand! So 50% gone, thanks!”

Confident I take a seat in the barbershop. I know from previous experiences with barbershops in Africa, that they don’t use scissors and just use the shaving machine. This is because the Africans have thick, tough hair, and not ‘English Hair’, like I apparently have. So, the barber started with the sides. Ok, not bad. — He continues with the top. Man! He clearly didn’t understand 50%… Almost everything on top is gone. I am wondering which number he used. In the end, it is not too bad, and quite nice actually in the heat. However, I know my girlfriend doesn’t really appreciated no hair on my head. Luckily, she is coming to visit me in a couple weeks, and not today..



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