Bad Idea

Windhoek, Namibia

“No..! You just started your trip to Cairo?! Really? I had the same in Egypt! Two south African guys just finished from Cape to Cairo, while I was about to start..! ”

“Really? Crazy! — But wait. You did it on a 30km per hour ‘moped’?!”

“Haha yes!”

“No! What were you thinking man?!”

“Well.. You see all these guys doing it on motorbikes or in their big 4 by 4’s. — So then I thought, fack it, I’m going to do it on my moped..”

“Haha Ok. And so far? Good decision?”

“Ehm. Haha. Sometimes I think it is a good idea, sometimes I think it is a bad idea.”

“Haha I see! Impressive! How long did it take you so far?”

“Hmm about 4 and a half months. — I can do max 200 km a day.”

“Pff still. Impressive man! And the moped lasted all the dirt roads, potholes and stuff?”

“Yes, surprisingly. But the chain is really, really thin now. About to collapse. I’ll see tomorrow if they can fix it here so I can hopefully continue on to Cape Town.”

“Haha you’re crazy! — But tell me! You must have many tips about the north for me!”

“Of course! I did the same in Egypt, when I met the South Africans. Ask me what you want and write it down!”

“I will, but first, let me get you a beer”

“Nah. Not sure. I had a couple already, and have to wake up early.”

“You sure?”

“Ok. Fack it, small one then. — Realize! When you travelling, never refuse anything! You never know when you’ll get your next meal, bottle of water or beer..”

“Haha true!”

After a long chat with this crazy guy, most of my worries I still had vanished. If someone made it all the way from Switzerland to Namibia, on a cheap 30km per hour Moped, then I would definitely be fine with my big bike!

Later, I saw a picture of him on facebook that he just finished his tour in Cape Town..!

What a guy!


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