You cannot imagine

VanRhynsdorp, South Africa

“We have been coming here to Africa for thirty years.’

“That is a lot.”

“Yes, we love it here. — And you, you started your trip in Cape Town?”

“Yes. You have been there?”

“Twenty-five years ago, yes. During apartheid.” — “Horrible!”

“I can imagine.”

“No! No! You CANNOT imagine. Really. On the streets, in restaurants, everywhere! Horrible. We come from Israel, you know, and we feel it had many similarities with the Holocaust. Insane.”

“I am sorry, you ‘re right, I don’t think I can ever imagine that.” — “So you plan to go there again on this trip?”


“Be prepared then, you still feel the aftereffects from apartheid everywhere. Really.” — “I lived there for a couple months, had a relatively expensive motorbike, and a white girlfriend… Imagine how people looked at me. All the time!” — “Or while travelling on the garden route, with my family. I come from a mixed family, you know. Dutch dad, Indian mother. I believe many people there have never seen a mixed family like us. The way they looked at us sometimes. Unbelievable.” — “And not even mentioning all the coloured workers, and white managers in basically every restaurant.”

“You see! Still! So crazy. Even though it has been more than twenty years ago since apartheid was abolished in South Africa… We think it will probably take hundreds of years until the equality differences are gone.”

“If that ever happens..”

South Africa, but in particular Cape Town, an amazing place, unbelievable. But I have to admit that in a way, I was happy to leave Cape Town and South Africa. The longer I stayed there the more I got to know about this country and realized how people think in this country. And the worst thing is, the longer you stay there, the more you get used to the differences. I don’t want to get used to that.



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