Bye Bye Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

“So it is Wednesday the 9th of march, 2016, and you have just started your trip to Amsterdam?”

“Pff yes, I hadn’t even realized the date.. So many things to think about today. — And I thought it would be a good idea to put some last ‘slime’ in my tubes, to prevent them from punctures.”

“True, anything else?”

“Hmm no, think I have everything. I hope. Only could you guys please put it in the tubes for me? I’ve never done it.”

“Sure. — But you’re really leaving now? 16:00 o’clock, rush hour, from Cape town? Man, that is a terrible time to leave.”

“I know pff, all the goodbyes, fixing last things for the bike, packing for the first time, it all took way longer than expected. So I decided to go for a short ride today, to Langebaan, more less 2 hours. Should be ok, right?”

“Yes, I understand..! Man, your journey just officially started! I will wave you goodbye! All the best my friend, drive safe and hope to see you back in Cape Town again!!”

“Haha yes. One day.”

I believe the bike shop worker was more excited than I was, the day I left. I experienced so many different feelings that day. In a way I was happy this day finally came, but it felt horrible to leave Capetown. Until this far, my life has never been as complete, as there. Great girlfriend, friends, house, motorbike, weather, waves, mountains and so on..

 And I left it all behind to drive alone on a motorbike through Africa.



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